What is RescueNet

Established in 1986 by Brett Harwood in the US, RescueNet Australia (a department of Australian Mercy Ltd) is an Emergency Relief, rapid response unit, deploying trained workers who offer medical, light search and rescue, fire suppression, trauma counselling, disaster childcare, logistical and distribution assistance, etc within hours of the event.

Registering with the UN and/or local government authorities, the RescueNet team will stay at the event for between 10 days to 4 weeks, helping to stabilise the lives of those affected, until the longer term ‘effort’ arrives.

We specialise in medivac work, wherein the lead authority of the day will helicopter our team into remote areas. In these remote areas, we establish a small field clinic and stabilise injuries as much as we can on site. As victims needing more specialist assistance arise, we then contact the lead authority via satellite phone and the victim is then transferred by helicopter to larger hospitals.

To date RescueNet has responded to many disasters such as Honduras (hurricane “Mitch”), Yugoslavia, Albania (Kosovo crisis), Turkey (earthquake), Nicaragua (civil war, medical evacuations), Bangladesh (medical clinics), Rwanda (disaster child care, orphaned children), Bulgaria (famine relief), El-Salvador (earthquake, civil war), Mexico (hurricane, medical care), 9/11 (twin towers collapse), Iraq (war), Philippines (typhoons), Banda Aceh (Indian Ocean tsunami), Pakistan (earthquake), Samoa (tsunami), Indonesia (earthquake) Haiti (earthquake), Oklahoma (tornado), Philippines (typhoon), Vanuatu (Cyclone) and Nepal (Earthquake).