Below, you can download the application you require and for your convenience, we have included several other helpful documents.

Application Forms

  • Introductory Course
  • If you would like to participate in our next Australian Introductory Course, you’ll need to complete an Introductory Course Application Form and include a signed Release and Indemnity Form and a Disclaimer Form.

    Here is an Introductory Course Application Form for you to download:

    Introductory Course Application Form.doc

    Introductory Course Application Form.pdf

    You can download a Release and Indemnity Form here:

    Release and Indemnity.doc

    Release and Indemnity.pdf

    You can also download a Disclaimer Form here:



  • RescueNet Membership
  • If you have completed an introductory course, you may apply for RescuNet membership using the following document:

    RN Membership Application Form.doc

    RN Membership Application Form 10.14.pdf

    You are also required to have two references from a Pastor, YWAM leader, your employer or friend. The following Reference Form is included in the Membership Application Form, but is also included here in case an extra Form is needed.

    RN Reference Form.doc

    RN Reference Form.pdf

  • Other Documents
  • Probationary Outline

    Probationary Outline