How did RescueNet start?

What is the aim of RescueNet?

Where is RescueNet based?

Is RescueNet a registered charitable organization?

Are there any prerequisites needed to work with RescueNet?

How do I get started?

What does the RescueNet Introductory Course cover?

Do I become a RescueNet member after I complete this Introductory Course?

Ok, so then what?

What kind of equipment makes up the full PPE?

Do I have to pay for this PPE?

How often does RescueNet deploy?

Do I have to deploy every time RescueNet deploys?

What are the circumstances that lead up to a deployment? and who has to deploy?

Will I be expected to respond whenever/wherever?

How much training do RescueNet members have to do?

What if I’m not interested in the medical work – is there a place for my other giftings?