Nepal 2015

The RescueNet (RN) deployment into Nepal is being headed up by the RN US Coordinator (David Mansfield).

Dave has a wealth of experience and he’s supported with a group of 15 international team members comprising a doctor, nurses, Paramedics, Trauma Councillors, Search and Rescue and Logistical personnel. They began entering Nepal the day after the event and hope to ‘marry up’ with another team from Singapore.

They have met a ‘wall’ of massive needs from desperate food, medicines, shelter, clothing, shortages. Many people are living in the streets and they have only the clothing they stand up in to protect them from the rain and cold. The president is quoted as saying that the government simply can’t cope and they are relying on all of the international aid agencies to rescue their country.

If you would like to donate to the massive needs of the Nepali people, please see our ‘Donation’ page.


Quite a few bags went missing from the flights across and one member writes “Still no bags. UN and WFP meetings today were informative. We are looking into multiple options to help. Will possibly help distribute food tomorrow. We can’t really leave Kathmandu until we have our bags. One member has been feeling pretty sick, pray ​for him​. Going to bed now, several of us didn’t really sleep well last night and we are exhausted. Pray we sleep well tonight and for healing of my air mattress that kept loosing air last night… ”.


Our deployment leader writes “We now have 16 members here, with one more yet to join us on Monday. 13 members have moved to the South West Ghorka region where they have finally engaged with the locals in need of help. I just got a situation report of 30 patients, mainly wound care, some infected, and they are evacuating 3 pet’s. It’s a start, but they are hoping more will come as word gets out.

We have established our Base Of Operations (BOO) in Kathmandu (KTM). At the BOO are two members and myself acting as a logistics and communications hub for the team as they have only sat phone service. We decided to split up in order for us to maintain contact with the relief hub in KTM. We’ll focus on supporting them with supplies, information and possibly people and they can get out and do the work.

We have made connections with a few other agencies. We are in contact with some teams from outside who want to join with us as well. We are happy to partner with others, but I am trying to vet them first and to make sure we have a good understanding of one another.

Today we hit the logistics and medical cluster – the UN has implemented an intense amount of structure and control here because everything comes back to “we don’t want to repeat Haiti.”

We are properly registered with the Dept. Of Health and they have sent medical and logistical professionals from a local hospital to work with our team. We have been praying together and seeking the Lord.

***Just got an update from the away team. They have treated 60 patients so far today and are evacuating 4 severely injured to a KTM hospital. Our Team will stay at least another night in the village. ***

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep them coming. Please also keep encouraging others to pray, encourage and fund us. I think any day things are going to suddenly open up and the work will flow much more quickly.